Lee Brice – Woman Like You (Official Music Video)

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25 Responses to “Lee Brice – Woman Like You (Official Music Video)”

  1. Gabriella Pinchera Says:

    Lee Brice
    Woman Like You

  2. MAThompsonFrenk Says:

    I love the line about his loving to watch his wife do yoga, and the way the
    actors played it out….whenever I’m stretching, dancing or kickboxing, my
    hubby gets a kick out of watching!

  3. MAThompsonFrenk Says:

    Sweet song!

  4. Dustin F Says:

    Such a good song.

  5. Anthony Banks Says:

    I am this guy

  6. Briceida Najera Says:

    I love this song!!!! It’s sooo cute!!!! ~^o^~

  7. Nicole Kermer Says:

    +Lee Brice ~ A Woman Like You! #CountryMusic 

  8. steveo1kinevo Says:

    Is it just me or does it sound like his life was more fun before he met
    her? lol

  9. Christina Calderon Says:

    my girlfriend showed me this song a couple days ago and i love it because
    its so true i would really be a mess without her<3

  10. Joshua Ortega Says:

    This is my song.

  11. Kendra Jordan Says:

    I love this song. .

  12. Robert Brown Says:

    Fuck you

  13. Joe Twilley Says:

    To hell with this fat ass !

  14. Jesenia Lopez Says:

    Love this song my
    Husband dedicated this song to me while trucking the 48 states

  15. Brendan G Says:


  16. Cassiopeia Says:

    I first heard this song when I was browsing my cousin’s play list. I fell
    in love with the song immediately. Although I really thought the guy who
    sang this song is old….like you know “grandpa old” but I was literally
    shocked when I found out that he’s young. not that young..but you know what
    I mean. lol 

  17. T. Teo. Says:

    Lee Brice – Woman Like You (Official Music Video):

  18. tastylicks Says:

    this song changed my life

  19. Marie Stewart Kern Says:

    September 25, 2014 Happy 34th #Birthday Lee Brice

  20. sniperbait171 Says:

    hahaha 1:10 to 1:15 thats my life right now lol

  21. TimeSpace Says:

    im single but i can still relate! lol

  22. donnyrockjr Says:

    love this guy!

  23. Donovan Rosas Says:

    best part is when he says id have a dirtbike in the chevy, thats my
    favorite part

  24. srfwf Says:

    he is wearing way too many necklaces..

  25. Tessa Mekers Says:

    This is the cutest song ever!! 😀 <3