Nicki Minaj got marriage proposal from Princess Diana’s nephew, reports

Well, it appears that US rapper Nicki Minaj could be a bit confused regarding the British royals – late Princess Diana’s Spencer nephew is really not one of those.

Louis Spencer is surely quite hot, as the Internet has revealed, cozying up to Nicki Minaj on Instagram photo on her page. In fact, believed it or not Minaj has even said that he even proposed to her.

Twenty year old Louis Spencer, who is also known as Viscount Althorp, is the kids of Diana’s only brother Charles, who is now Earl Spencer, but once popular as the “Champagne Charlie” and know for his abhorrence of the media.

He came in the cortege that is behind Diana’s coffin with his nephews, Prince Harry and Prince William, and gave a moving and more importantly brutally anti-royal-family laudation at Diana’s funeral service in 1997 at the Westminster Abbey. The Earl, who is now 50, has been married 3 times and has 6 children.

But Louis is a huge fan of the rapper who was in the UK capital just three days ago to perform. That time, Spencer and his older sister Kitty Spencer went backstage the rapper and also expression their admiration.

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