Nicki Minaj Mocks Nude photos of Kim Kardashian

This weekend, “Saturday Night Live” was hosted by James Franco. However, the real attraction of the show was Nicki Minaj.

The “Anaconda” rapper appeared on “Weekend Update” as Kim Kardashian and explained the real meaning behind Kim’s Paper magazine photos. Nicki wore a cleavage-baring, low-cut, skin-tight dress and told that the entire thing about Kim’s nude photos was misinterpreted. Minaj specified the planned messages behind those indecent images that were taken for breaking the internet. For that purpose, she superimposed her face on the naked body of Kim Kardashian.

Minaj continued by saying that Kim’s photos lacked the backgrounds and so they are out of context. The rapper showed an image of Kim’s naked body and then displayed an exactly similar image with a proper background. The spoofed image displayed a doc stooping down in front to examine “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star. Minaj explained that the photo intended to signify a public service declaration about getting frequent checkups from the gynecologist. The well-known butt-balancing-a-champagne-glass image was actually a part of the math competition that was intended for the high school seniors. Minaj also said in her Kardashian voice that X equals the full frontal naked photo.

As Nicki showed the butt image, she told everybody to notice the oily rear end. With the oceanic background in the spoofed image, Nicki explained that it warns about the Keystone Pipeline. Eventually, Nicki referred to the full-frontal image and explained in her silly Kim K persona that the picture will be the holiday Hanukkah card for Kim’s Jewish friends. The picture was displayed again as a candelabrum with 8 branches of nude Kims.

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