“Our Country” – Music Video (2009)

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10 Responses to ““Our Country” – Music Video (2009)”

  1. WoWwY689 Says:

    @philhudak RI :]

  2. chilingrl333 Says:

    this is the best home-made music video ive ever seen(: and trust me, ive
    seen a lot(:

  3. lucki39284 Says:

    100 years from now, someone will discover this video and see America as it
    was. Great Job! Love that Cat!

  4. WoWwY689 Says:


  5. Sktrgrlallycp Says:

    love it

  6. Sktrgrlallycp Says:

    the girl that ur next to on the bus looks like wth is she doing? LOL

  7. WoWwY689 Says:

    ya!! ur right! even in 50 yrs things will be different, which is kinda
    cool/weird. 😀

  8. WoWwY689 Says:

    thank you!!!!!

  9. chilingrl333 Says:

    yerr welcome(:

  10. philhudak Says:

    where was this filmed in?