This is Country Music ~ Brad Paisley (Full Song With Lyrics)

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25 Responses to “This is Country Music ~ Brad Paisley (Full Song With Lyrics)”

  1. Clifton DeMoss Says:

    This is Country Music ~ Brad Paisley (Full Song With Lyrics):

  2. Anita Gordon Says:

    This man is BAD!!!!! 

  3. Joshua MacDonald Says:

    To the ones that didn’t make it back, I salute by raising a long neck
    bottle. To those still with us, keep it country with a dash of metal! 

  4. Lynn Sheer Says:

    Beautiful…thank you so much..

  5. D.r John Ford Says:

    COUNTRY MUSIC is real music not like the shit they make this days.

  6. dang po Says:

    Love this song.

  7. suzylaverty Says:

    Loved it!! Great video….good job ;)

  8. Steve Carlyle Says:

    cool song…

  9. Penny Hodgins Says:

    Wonderful thank you for sharing.

  10. iLOVEBradPLukeBJoshT Says:

    this is REALLY good. if you don’t mind my asking… what dd you use to make

  11. Macx Pruitt Says:

    This song has become my favorite. I could never listen ta it too much. Good
    video too.

  12. loveless2226 Says:

    love you font

  13. Texx Mexx Says:

    Like that cowboy ridin’ into the sunset at the end–well done…

  14. jessmarie42 Says:

    love love love brad paisley (: seein him at the tacoma dome february 11!!!

  15. Lisa Endres Says:

    Beautifully done. Love this song. Tears me up.

  16. Keith Santulli Says:

    Very good job.

  17. Guy Svolski Says:

    it makes me cry everytime i hear the one part bout the echo of your mother
    saying that your brother is not coming home

  18. FlamesAtMidnight Says:

    @jessmarie42 – Wow! That sounds like fun! 🙂

  19. Rue Stahl Says:

    The next time you do a video here could you please turn up the sound as
    high as it will go? We can turn it down on our end.

  20. Dakota Feathers Says:

    1 2 3 then i start buffering ._.

  21. Burndie120 Says:

    How does this not have more views ? O_O

  22. FlamesAtMidnight Says:

    @iLOVEBradPLukeBJoshT – Thanks! This is only with Windows Movie Maker.
    Here’s how: 1. Select your background image and upload it to .
    2. Put the first part of your text on, and download it. 3. Import it into
    WMM, and drag it to the timeline. 4. Go back to and click
    continue editing. 5. Put the second part of your text on and download it.
    5. Import it to WMM, and drag it to your timeline. 6. Put a transition
    between the two, and voila! Thanks again!

  23. ItRhymesWithGrape Says:

    Love it 🙂

  24. Paul Marcil Says:

    Good job Brad from Paul Marcil

  25. Filip Söderberg Says:

    Damn this guy has a great voice! He is awesome nuff said..