Trisha Yearwood – Walkaway Joe ft. Don Henley

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25 Responses to “Trisha Yearwood – Walkaway Joe ft. Don Henley”

  1. BuckEye Nation Says:

    I wonder if she was deep throating Garth back then

  2. nancy tibbetts Says:

    Listening to some music while I work at the store…Just realized that is
    Matt McConaughey (probably misspelled)…Also probably before he was
    famous…still one handsome man…and I do not think that is wrong of me to
    I once read that he founded a charity for less fortunate children…does
    a lot of work with them. I like to think that their are some of the rich
    and famous who try to do some good with their fame and wealth…Remember to
    always look for the Good that people do; do not judge by covers, nor place
    of standing…but what comes forth from their hearts. may those who bless,
    be bless more and more…Much Love.

  3. annamarievids Says:

    Matthew McConaughey.. :D

  4. kiara montiero Says:

    Yup. He’s a Killer Joe alright ;)

  5. amber kluttz Says:

    i had a walk away joe i’ve learned my lesson. 

  6. Tammy Smith Says:

    This song came out just in time to freak every body in our age group out

  7. bizzylizzyb1 Says:

    Marc bush was mine, he lied to me and maniplated me for 10yrs for sex, when
    he had a wife and child.

  8. Sue Cameron Says:

    Trisha Yearwood – Walkaway Joe ft. Don Henley:

  9. Silvia ZK Says:

    Trisha Yearwood – Walkaway Joe ft. Don Henley

    Lovely country music singer Trisha Yearwood and song..♥ ♪♫.•*

    #music #countrymusic #trishayearwood #relaxingsounds 

  10. Lizzyloo Reynolds Says:

    Reminds me of home

  11. rubber duky Says:

    More like Walk a way Mcconaughey ….. ( notice him ?? )

  12. Rita Mendoza Says:

    This song is the best for all those who got hurt for those who are single
    moms that get hurt for life

  13. zeroluvssin Says:

    Charles singleton was mine. I would have given anything to be his. Now ten
    years later, I have two kids and a man who truly loves me. Glad Charles was
    my lesson! 

  14. liha600 Says:

    A bad ass chick singer is the ONLY one who could have the great Don Henley
    sing backup and have a then unknown Matthew McConaughey starring as the
    Walkaway Joe. Reminds me of my mama, she used to do this when I was in high
    school ♥

  15. kinskins100 Says:

    Love me some Matthew Mcanuaghy (however you spell it lol)

  16. Christy Day Says:

    Love the way he was standing there in the door way waiting for her to come
    into the room.

  17. William ogden jr Says:

    Just walk away and keep walking, wont do you no good anyhow no matter how
    you treat her !

  18. pat p Says:

    you listen to all versions and say at the end” It’s all good ” 

  19. kristie p Says:

    Matthew McConaughey “walkaway Joe” guy!! WOW!!! He was so cute!!! I love
    this song, too bad Garth Brooks won’t let anyone keep his songs on

  20. Cari Kotcher Says:

    Damn was he hot!!! (MATTHEW)…I have three words…”Alright Alright

  21. Heidi Lewis Says:

    Best part of this song…Don Henley :)

  22. QueenZombieCersei Says:

    Good Lord Matthew was hot!! (I mean, he still is of course 😉 I don’t
    remember having a walkaway Joe … I think I was always the walkaway Jane.

  23. Atlas Chacon Says:

    Grew up with this song. I don’t know why but I woke up with this song in my
    head even though I haven’t heard it for a long time. Watched the video and
    realized I grew up watching Matthew McConaughey before he was the star he
    is now. Cool realization :)

  24. Mike Barksdale Says:

    I’m not gay but goddamn, that is one cool, sexy, funny, awesome dude. If
    he asked me to I’d totally
    swallow…………………………………………… pride and
    tell him he was much, much cooler than me.

  25. dietcoke550 Says:

    i’m not a walkway joe nicole.